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John Fleig  (Jfleig)

Flight Lieutenant

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About Me

A little information. I am in Ohio and I have been collecting since the 1970s and have a range from the 1950s (a few they are mint) through the 2000s.  I like the bronze age and silver age comics.   I am not a professional grader so I went with what I think is fair and what I would pay and based on the Comicbase prices.. All are in readable and collectible shape as well as bagged and boarded.I have not read them in years, and if they were in bags, I left them in there.  I just don't buy them much anymore and when I do, I buy the graphic novels.   If you have any questions regarding any particular issues,  welcome any questions at I will be happy to email pictures. .  i think I have everything updated now. :) Thank you for looking!

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