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Spunky Cheeseís Comicís-Oí-Rama!

Richard A. Scott  (RasAlGhul)

Flight Lieutenant

Avg. Rating: 4.6
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About Me

I am a Collector, Artist (AC comics and others), Writer (Tomorrows publications and others), Comics historian/videographer (Woodcrest productions) and all-around comicís enthusiast. (And if you would have an interest in purchasing any of my art work, Please contact me at my personal e-mail. What Iím offering up for sale is from my personal collection, investment books and extras that Iíve accumulated over the years. I will do my best to work at making you happy with your purchase. So far I havenít had any complaints. The only real difficulties I have had was with the program re-adding inventory that had been deleted. This was due to computer crashes and trying to reclaim lost databases. I reserve the right to refuse sales to anyone, should that be necessary. Yes, I did have an incident of this nature happen once. I spoke with Pete Bickford about it and he told me I was well within my right to do so. I also must make mention of the fact that once the books are out of my hands (that means once they are shipped at the post office.), that I am no longer responsible for the books as they been shipped, and they are out of my hands. From that point, the post office is responsible, as itís in their care. I must make a point of pointing this out due to the fact that a friend of mine got screwed by eBay for this very same problem. Previously an order went errant at the receiving post office, they had it the whole time. It does happen and I appreciate your understanding in such. Once again I will do my best to try to keep you happy with your purchase and in the condition as stated (barring me not catching old data.) My record as of this point speaks for itself, as you can see on my rating. In the case of anything that has been autographed, unless it comes with a certificate, I have personally acquired the signatures on these books and am willing to attest to that. Thank you in advance for any purchases that you make from my inventory.

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