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Air Marshal

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Home of the largest selection on Atomic Avenue. Current inventory: over 95,000 unique issues. I look forward to supplying you with lots of great comics! Making a purchase indicates that you want to receive our weekly email newsletter. Returns are subject to 25% restocking fees (this covers the selling fees and the original cost of shipping).

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1/19/201792397 JAbbott
Super-deal! Super-fast! Arrived safe, secure, in listed condition! Excellent!!!
1/19/201791009 lbej
Great seller! Thank you!
1/17/201792318 JFoster
Comic shipped immediately in nuke proof packaging. Excellent store on Atomic Avenue!
1/16/201792285 JMacKenzie
Cyberspace becoming one of my favorite dealers - items ship fast and always in condition described. Thanks
1/14/201792276 JRowland
The comics arrived quickly and in pristine condition.
Everything looked great and arrived safely, thanks!!!!!
Great order, thanks!!!!!
1/11/201792242 JBurk
Fast shipping. Thanks
1/11/201792263 AJAXvsZEUS
Fast and correct.
1/11/201790849 SZiemba
Everything was great!!