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Air Marshal

Avg. Rating: 4.8
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Home of the largest selection on Atomic Avenue. Current inventory: over 100,000 unique issues. I look forward to supplying you with lots of great comics! Making a purchase indicates that you want to receive our weekly email newsletter. Returns are subject to 25% restocking fees (this covers the selling fees and the original cost of shipping).

Recent Feedback

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8/22/201797346 Cdbrown915
8/21/201797098 wrennhead
Fast, secure shipping.Accurate grading (some under graded). Recommended.
8/20/201796817 poorboy722
Thanks for another awesome transaction.
8/19/201792590 girlgood9
8/19/201797237 i_heart_annabel
Absolute pleasure! Thanks so much!
8/17/201795531 sCartwright
fast shipping. great comic
8/14/201797196 frozilla
Thanks for the books, shipped well. sk
8/11/201797061 SZiemba
Everything was great!!
8/11/201796922 SZiemba
Everything was great!!
8/8/201796857 jsirene
item never arrived. USPS says on their tracking that it was delivered on July 27 - but I never found it in our box nor anyplace else.