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Air Marshal

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Home of the largest selection on Atomic Avenue. Current inventory: over 100,000 unique issues. I look forward to supplying you with lots of great comics! Making a purchase indicates that you want to receive our weekly email newsletter. Returns are subject to 25% restocking fees (this covers the selling fees and the original cost of shipping).

Recent Feedback

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4/26/2018102881 DJennings
Wolverine #70 was not in good condition as the cover fell off when I picked it up. Other than that everything was perfect. Very fast delivery and all comics were in expected condition except one. Comics weren’t bagged or boarded but I expected that as
4/24/201826701 novalis100
4/24/201845602 novalis100
4/23/2018102678 RHendrickson
Nice and sweet ty man
4/20/2018102625 RHendrickson
Looking for the #1 if you can get love the way you package your items
4/20/2018102621 RHendrickson
Sweet. Love it
4/19/2018102661 bigbabysld
awesome as usual, thank you
4/18/2018102642 jarns
As always - excellent!
4/18/2018102294 SZiemba
4/17/2018102391 immortalthor