Robert W. Jennings  (fabficbk)

Wing Commander

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1/20/201792222 MTVenom
All good! Cheers
1/18/201792315 blackbolt
Great service as always, top notch!!
1/18/201790968 lbej
Excellent, thanks
1/18/201776116 Allendea
1/11/201790973 SZiemba
Everything was great!!
1/11/201790682 SZiemba
Everything was great!!
1/10/201791959 nMaldonado
My comics came in the condition I wanted and im happy about it
12/31/201691922 blackbolt
Great service as all ways.
12/30/201692023 LifeofComics
Excellent price, all VF to NM comics were Near Mint, fast shipping, pro packing. Thanks!
12/28/201691981 kenny
shipped quickly and was as advertised.