Robert W. Jennings  (fabficbk)

Wing Commander

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4/22/201794514 fourstar77
Packing does not give a lot of corner protection - 90% of books damaged during shipping otherwise accurate grading and fast shipping.
4/18/201794454 JFoster
Comics shipped immediately and were graded accurately.
4/18/201794422 JFoster
Comics shipped immediately. The only Silver age comic was liberally graded but all books other were graded accurately.
4/14/201790573 ultraaman
Great quality books!
4/14/201794411 mvp72
Nice book really fast shipping thank you
4/12/201794400 stock_rotation
Great books, quick shipping
4/12/201794339 fourstar77
comics generally graded as advertised, good packing, thanks!
4/10/201793999 ryanfritz
smooth transaction. Good stuff.
4/8/201794194 GCorona421
4/5/201794072 wakartist
very good grading and pricing