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Wing Commander

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About Me

Outpost Comics started as a mail order seller back in October 1979 and has expanded to the online sales with our website - http://www.outpostcomics.com. Our inventory spans from 1940 to present. You can also check out our entries on Atomic Avenue. Our website is a work in progress, but it has quite a few entries and most with the actual pictures (covers) from the books (99.6 %) to get you own personal view for grading. Due to poor shipping practices by the USPS, we will now add insurance on any package $75.00 and up (on our dime). Enjoy the shopping.

Recent Feedback

DateOrder #RatingBuyerComments
3/29/201790520 JBaca
Book was in great shape
3/15/201792970 wakartist
condition excellent
3/14/201792920 RDI
Absolutely brilliant service!!! So So pleased with the comic arrived and so pleased. Defiantly a true person to the comic world and to clients. Thank you so much, my son was so very happy to have received exactly what you described!
3/2/201793301 SCothran
After order conformation one book was cancelled. Unfortunately the book I was making the order. Another book arrived with wrong cover. I consider that below average.