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I am so happy that the ComicBase people decided to do this system. I had a eBay store and this is much better for you as buyers as well as sellers. The first book I know I bought for myself, with my own money, was "Tomb of Dracula" #1. I bought every one of that series til the end at #70. I currently am trying to get any and all Dracula appearances that I can find. I had a chance a couple years ago to hold a real, true copy of "Action Comics" #1, I still get goose bumps thinking about it. That book sold for over $50,000.00 a few months later. (And yes, I have the picture to prove it!!) I am not a professional grader, but I have finished regrading my collection on Atomic Avenue, hopefully my accuracy is better now. Now that that is done I will be working on adding over 100,000 more books so keep looking!

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3/26/201793029 playyer88
Will buy from you again. Thanks.
3/24/201793730 wakartist
extremely fast shipping, excellent customer service
Response: There were some really cool book in your order! thanks
3/22/201793751 drizzt1969
Books arrived exactly as described thank you
Response: Howard, thanks for the order. Tell you friends about Atomic Avenue, and me as well. Richard
3/17/201792832 fawr70
Fantastic Books! Very Pleased! Will Purchase More In The Future!
Response: Thanks, I'll look forward too it.
3/9/201776067 JPryor77
Great seller! Great book!
Response: Thanks!!!
3/7/201793143 comosem
Excellent customer service, and fast, secure shipping! Thank you!
Response: Thanks for the order, glad we were able to get all the items you wanted!
3/5/201793282 Elven_Johnny
Fantastic customer service and communication, great condition and prices. Thanks for another great order.
Response: John, thanks for that. I truly appreciate it.