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Richard F. Krueger  (parmon)

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About Me

I am so happy that the ComicBase people decided to do this system. I had a eBay store and this is much better for you as buyers as well as sellers. The first book I know I bought for myself, with my own money, was "Tomb of Dracula" #1. I bought every one of that series til the end at #70. I currently am trying to get any and all Dracula appearances that I can find. I had a chance a couple years ago to hold a real, true copy of "Action Comics" #1, I still get goose bumps thinking about it. That book sold for over $50,000.00 a few months later. (And yes, I have the picture to prove it!!) I am not a professional grader, but I have finished regrading my collection on Atomic Avenue, hopefully my accuracy is better now. Now that that is done I will be working on adding over 100,000 more books so keep looking!

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6/25/201795287 Dbar80
Fast delivery. Good packaging. Honest rating
Response: Donovan, Thanks for that, it's appreciated.
6/20/201795894 coxstuka
Awesome dealer! Comic arrived quickly in advertised condition.
Response: Thanks, Jeffery!
6/19/201795881 omega4ever
Fantastic looking book... Thank you!
Response: Let all your comic book friends know about Atomic Avenue, and me!
6/12/201795748 Cdbrown915
Response: I appreciate that, Thanks!
6/10/201795689 Cdbrown915
Response: Thanks Chris!
6/2/201795297 DeluxeComics
Best seller Ever! Comics came in better condition than I expected. Canít wait to do business again!
Response: Wow, thanks! Get all your comicbook friends over here too!
5/30/201795408 Hogdaddy
Great seller, shipped fast, packed nicely, and even threw in a bonus comic!
Response: Marcus, Thank you for that. I look forward to sending more to the land of Peaches!
5/26/201795306 tjc710
Response: My pleasure, tell all your friends about Atomic Avenue and about my store!