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Peter R. Bickford  (pbickford)

Air Marshal

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About Me

Iíve been a comic book fan and collector since I was a paperboy (I still remember running down to the local Tom Thumb to pick up the latest issues of Amazing Spider-Man from the spinner racks). As an adult-type-person, I created ComicBase, and also have a hand in Atomic Avenue.

The comics for sale here are from my own collection, and all come bagged and boarded...

Recent Feedback

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6/23/201795129 vintage_vault
Great Transaction. Thanks!
6/22/201795899 IKornelis
Comics arrived on time and packaged securely.
6/22/201795984 JHultz
Delivered fast but when arrived it was damaged in shipment. Each comic had a bend in the corner from being dropped. Could have been packaged better to ensure less chance of that happening with cardboard around the comics.
6/21/201795778 ScarletB
6/20/201794837 SZiemba
Everything was great!!
6/20/201795892 Eisai
Item in great shape, quick shipping. Would do business with again.
6/19/201795885 SReis
6/19/201795889 SReis
6/15/201795798 SamMo
VERY fast shipping and great packaging! Would definitely order from this store again.
6/15/201795284 Lockenour