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Please respect a $6.00 MINIMUM ORDER: each order takes 2 pieces of over-sized cardboard, an envelope, 2 packing slips, a mailing label and 3 feet of clear tape. We have over 130,000 products posted to Atomic Avenue and offer a great selection of thousands of hard-to-find titles and issues. If cheapest price is your only consideration, there are many sellers on Atomic Avenue with better pricing than us. However, if condition is important to you, all our comics are either graded when posted or graded when pulled for an order. NM will have 1-4 almost invisible flaws, VF/NM will have 3-7 minor flaws, VF will have up to 5-10 flaws, Fine will have more than 10 flaws. Almost all our VG & below are priced under $2.00 and these are reader grades. We are slowly going through the VF/NM section and grading these comics into 3 categories: VF; VF/NM; and NM. You will not get a NM comic from us with 13 stress marks on the spine as some sellers are posting and selling on this site. We speak from experience having ordered from several sellers. Comics $2.99 & less are bagged only, $3.00 & above are bagged and boarded. We are the only seller on AA with over 3,000 orders, 2,800 feedback points AND a 4.9 service rating! Your satisfaction is guaranteed, please email us if you have not received 5 star service! Foreign Orders: Over $175. and we pay postage, but the maximum number of comics can not be more than 65, this is how many bagged comics (no boards) fit into a Flat Rate Priority Box that costs $60. to ship. Annuals and Prestige Format count as 2 comics. Since starting out in 1976, we do our best to treat everyone the way we want to be treated: Providing accurate grading, good packaging, and 2-3 times a week shipping. Second Genesis was a new comics distributor on the West Coast with 5 warehouse outlets from 1978-1990. Our inventory comes from distribution leftovers & backrooms of several large stores.

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1/16/201790210 WebHobbit
No problems! Thanks
1/13/201792104 BKeairnes
Fast shipping, Product as promised, Would do business again. Great Seller!!
1/13/201792102 BKeairnes
Fast shipping, Product as promised, Would do business again. Great Seller!!
1/10/201792233 JBurk
Great seller! Comics as described. Thanks
1/4/201792095 kwticknor
arrived fast and in great shape. thanks!!
12/30/201690525 SZiemba
Everything was great!
12/29/201692028 MRivera
12/29/201691998 pinopat
Great experience. I am very happy with how the comics were graded. The comics were packaged with great care in an unique manner that impressed me and protected the books well. Thank you for a wonderful purchase.