80 Page Giant Magazine #1

DC     August, 1964

Superman: Action Comics #259; Superman: Action Comics #270; Superboy: Superboy (1st Series) #78; Jimmy Olsen: Supermanís Pal Jimmy Olsen #29; Supergirl: Action Comics #275; Superman: Superman (1st Series) #137; Imaginary stories

The Revenge of Luthor; The Old Man of Metropolis; Claire Kent, Alias Super-Sister; The Superman Book that Couldnít Be Finished; Ma and Pa Kent Adopt Supergirl; The Super-Brat from Krypton

 Jerry Siegel, Otto Binder

 Al Plastino, Curt Swan, John Sikela, Jim Mooney

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United Kingdom silverdollarcomics $99.50 Imaginary stories. F/VF 7.0