The Demon (2nd Series)

 DEM0   (DC, 1987, 2014)

™ and ©1987 DC Comics, Inc.

“Gone, gone, the form of man…and rise the demon, Etrigan!”

With those words, Jason Blood becomes transformed into Etrigan, a horrific demon. Etrigan had been summoned by Merlin himself in the dying days of Camelot to help defend it against the forces of Morgaine le Fay. The demon was bound to Jason, and both were bound to Merlin’s will. Eventually, le Fay was defeated and turned into a statue, and the undying Jason spent a millennia free of the Demon. In recent years, however, Merlin once again sent out the call—and the Demon would once again roam free.

As this four-issue mini-series begins, Jason’s love interest, Glenda, believes she has found a clue to ending Jason’s curse. Pursuing it, however, means traveling to the dark tower Dragonbrack in Ireland. Underneath, she and Jason find a powerful book…as well as another demon, Belial!

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