Cloak & Dagger (Ltd. Series)

 CLDL   (Marvel, 1983-1984)

™ and ©1983 Marvel Entertainment Group

First appearing in Spectacular Spider-Man #64, Cloak & Dagger are a couple of kids who suddenly found themselves no longer children. Both runaways, they were taken in by “chicken hawks” at the Port Authority Bus Terminal who tempted them with offers of shelter. They were taken instead, along with other unfortunate runaways, to an abandoned pier on Ellis Island. There, a mob chemist used them as guinea pigs to test a new synthetic drug. They were the only two of the “subjects” to survive.

Barely alive, they stumbled into the icy waters of the Hudson river. When they emerged, they realized they had been changed. The girl was able to throw daggers of searing light, and the boy was able to engulf others in the icy darkness which he had literally become. Together, they sought revenge on the mob, and on those who prey on the young.

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1st Appearance of Brigid O’RiellyBill MantloRick Leonardi


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Origin of Cloak & Dagger; Final issueBill MantloRick Leonardi