Starlion: A Pawn’s Game

    (Storm, 1993)
™ and ©1992 Storm Productions

For over three hundred years, Terran Star Ships such as the Starlion have held the line against the Zeta Reticullan Empire. Suddenly, peace loomed before them. And they weren’t sure they could handle it.

Captain James Roberts and his handpicked crew of the TSS Starlion were coming back from a rough patrol when they received the distress beacon of the TSS Olympia. They had come out of tachyonic space too fast and were in danger of breaking up right on the edge of the Reticullan boarder. The Starlion was the closest ship and changed course to save over four hundred survivors. Meanwhile, on nearby Tendaaros, the pirate ship Midnight Star has a new captain. One with a conscience, which can be a liability with a crew of murderous cutthroats who promote by assassination.

A black-and-white with strong language. The creators also have contributed to the board game Starmada, which is based on the storyline/universe of this work.

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 Anthony BrunoDavid Jorgenson


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Indicia say April, cover says MayAnthony BrunoDavid Jorgenson