City of Silence

 CIOS   (Image, 2000, 2004)

™ and ©2000 Warren Ellis and Gary Erskine

“The future is bad for you.” These are the opening lines of Warren Ellis’ three issue futuristic romp. The city Stealth is anything but normal. It is a city ruled by ideas and overrun with mad technology. If anyone’s ideas and inventions pose a threat, then it is the Silencers who are ordered to wipe out the problem. When a mysterious silicon pentagram is discovered on the body of a corpse, the deadly trio of Litany, Frost, and Gitane are sent to investigate, and if necessary, “silence” anyone who gets in their way. What they discover is a frightening conspiracy involving satanic occult programmers, voltage monks stealing public electricity, and a mysterious figure known only as Metalghost who may be responsible for the most dangerous idea of all time.

Originally commissioned by Epic Comics in the mid-nineties, Image Comics eventually published this story in 2000 giving readers a chance to see some of Ellis’ early work which foreshadowed his critically acclaimed titles such as Transmetropolitan and Planetary.

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#1 Variation A

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