Deadly Foes of Spider-Man

 DFOM   (Marvel, 1991)

™ and ©1991 Marvel Entertainment Group

It’s a dark gathering of forces, indeed! Shocker, the Rhino, the Beetle, Hydro-Man, Speed-Demon, and Boomerang have formed the Sinister Syndicate, and are out to pull off the crime of the century. Together, they’re going to rob the Federal Reserve Bank, and only Spider-Man can stop them!

With non-stop action in the Marvel tradition, this four-part series pits Spider-Man against some of his deadliest foes, in the battle of his life.

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Punisher, Rhino, Kingpin, others appearDanny FingerothKerry Gammill, Al Milgrom


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 Danny FingerothAl Milgrom, Kerry Gammill


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 Danny FingerothAl Milgrom


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 Danny FingerothAl Milgrom

Book #1

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1st Appearance of Hardshell (Leila Davis); 1st Appearance of Strikeback (Anthony Davis); Collects Deadly Foes of Spider-Man #1-4 and Lethal Foes of Spider-Man #1-4; Indicia lists title as Spider-Man: Deadly Foes of Spider-Man; Different contents than Deadly Foes of Spider-Man Bk 1; Trade Paperback; 208 pages; Redone Cover of Lethal Foes of Spider-Man #3; Includes Cover Gallery; ca. 2011Danny FingerothKerry Gammill, Al Milgrom, Scott McDaniel, David Boller, Keith Pollard