Crash Ryan

 CRAR   (Epic, 1984-1985)

™ and ©1984 Ron Harris

Christopher C. “Crash” Ryan was once a respected airline pilot, until the day that his engine caught fire and he had to chance an emergency in a windswept field. Despite his courageous struggle to control his failing plane, it struck down hard and burned, killing many of the passengers. Crash’s license was revoked, and the only job he could get was ferrying air mail in the jungles of Central America.

Then one day, making a routine run, Crash saw two strange planes chasing another. All three of these planes looked like something out of a science-fiction novel, with propulsion systems unlike anything he had ever seen. The attacking planes manage to force their quarry down, then one of them came after Crash, who managed to outmaneuver it, even in his old biplane. Crash then investigated the downed plane. In doing so he encountered an old friend and was drawn into a jet-age struggle far beyond Crash’s wildest imagining.

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