CONK   (Marvel, 1998)

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Yet another super-villain crashes through the Daily Bugle offices, leaving behind the usual path of destruction. But as reporter Mark Ewing picked up the pieces of his desk, he noticed an envelope hidden inside part of a destroyed wall. Inside were the notes left behind by Cliff Garner, a crusading reporter who had disappeared years earlier after an altercation with Bugle publisher J. Jonah Jameson. Before Garner stormed out the door, he ranted about a huge story he had been working on involving a vast conspiracy to control superhuman activities throughout the world. But Garner couldn’t name his source, and the story was killed. Garner then left the offices and was never seen again.

Now Ewing is picking up the pieces of what could be the biggest conspiracy theory of them all. All he has are fragments and clues—and the sure knowledge that someone is trying to kill him!

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1st appearance of Mark Ewing; 1st appearance of Cliff GarnerDan AbnettIgor Kordey


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Indicia says February 1998; Cover date says MarchDan AbnettIgor Kordey