The Amazing Scarlet Spider

 AMSP   (Marvel, 1995)

™ and ©1995 Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc.

In late 1995, the Spider-Man clone saga was still in midswing. Recent developments had “revealed” that person readers knew as Peter Parker was actually a clone, and that Ben Reilly was the original webslinger. Parker’s life was thrown into disarray by this revelation and he decided to give up webslinging. The job went to Reilly, who had taken the identity of “The Scarlet Spider.” Marvel recognized these plot developments by retitling all its mainline Spider-Man titles. The Amazing Spider-Man briefly became The Amazing Scarlet Spider; Spider-Man Unlimited became Scarlet Spider Unlimited, and so on.

Although it was a shock to longtime readers, there was something refreshing about Reilly in the title role. In many ways, he was the Spider-Man of the past, unburdened by the layers of angst writers had been steadily heaping on the character in past two decades. It was not due to last, though, as Reilly was later revealed as the real clone.

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