Death’s Head II (Vol. 1)

 DHI1   (Marvel UK, 1992)

™ and ©1992 Marvel Comics UK, Ltd.

In the year 2020, the remaining heroes of Earth will fight a monster the likes of which they’ve never before faced. Its name is Charnel, and its purpose is to kill…everything. Nothing can stand against it and live long.

Eventually the aging Doctor Strange, Daredevil, Punisher, Wolverine, and others will be joined by Death’s Head II, a schizophrenic cyborg killing machine in a desperate last stand against the ultimate enemy.

2020 will be the year that the heroes fall.

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1st Appearance of Death’s Head II; Death of Death’s HeadDan AbnettLiam Sharp

#1 (2nd printing)

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Silver ink coverDan AbnettLiam Sharp


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 Dan AbnettLiam Sharp

#2 (2nd printing)

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2nd printing; Silver ink coverDan AbnettLiam Sharp


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1st Appearance of TuckDan AbnettLiam Sharp


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Wraparound coverDan AbnettLiam Sharp

Collector's Set #1

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Pedigree Collector’s set; Contains 1st Printings Of All 4 Issues Of The Death’s Head II Limited Series; Sealed In A Plastic Container; Numbered And Limited To 50,000 PackagesDan AbnettLiam Sharp