DOWV   (Image, 2005-2006)

and 2005 Top Cow Productions, Inc. and Warren Ellis

Warren Ellis tackles the crime genre with this tale of an undercover cop. With a plot reminiscent of a Hong Kong crime movie, the book follows the exploits of Detective Deanna Ransome. Ransome has been working deep undercover, infiltrating the Sakura mob. Following an explosive opening, she is asked to take on another assignment and work her way to the very top of a different crime organization. Her target is another mole. Joining Ellis are artists Tony Harris on the first issue and Cully Hamner for the remaining three issues.

Colin Chan

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 Warren EllisTony Harris


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 Warren EllisCully Hamner


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 Warren EllisCully Hamner


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 Warren EllisCully Hamner

Book #1

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 Warren EllisCully Hamner, Tony Harris