Dragonís Lair (Arcana)

    (Arcana, 2006)
ô and © Don Bluth & Arcana Studio

The long-standing Dragonís Lair franchise always had the best-looking video games, which were essentially playable cartoons. Itís good to see it also has some of the best-looking comics, in this Arcana publication with flawless, lively art by Fabio Languna supplemented by the bold colors of MV Creations.

Dirk the Daring and Princess Daphne are attacked by a high-king dragon, who absconds with Daphne back to his homeland. Dirk must rescue the nonetheless-capable princess before she becomes a mind-controlled loveslave like so many before her. With a good sense of humor from Andy Mangles, itís a nice treat of family-friendly fare (assuming youíre OK with a couple panels of evident nipples in a black evening gown).

ó Brendan McGinley

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No copies available
Reprints Dragonís Lair #1-3 from CrossGen; ca. 2006Andy MangelsFabio Languna


1 copy available for $44.99
 Andy Mangels, Ryan FoleyFabio Languna

#2 Variation A

No copies available
Grahamcrackers.com B&W sketch exclusiveAndy MangelsFabio Languna


3 copies available from $7.00
ca. 2007Andy MangelsFabio Languna

#3 Variation A

1 copy available for $17.99
Variant CoverAndy MangelsFabio Languna


1 copy available for $49.99
 Andy Mangels, Jimmy PS HayesFabio Languna

Book #1 Hardcover

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Hardcover; Collects Dragonís Lair (Arcana) #1Ė4; Includes Bonus Stories; Indicia reads titles as Don Bluth Presents Dragonís Lair; ca. 2008Andy Mangels, Jimmy PS Hayes, Ryan FoleyFabio Languna, Don Bluth