DIST   (Instant, 2007-2008)

™ and © Manuel Preitano and Instant Press Comics

Manuel Preitano gives us a tale of a strange, nearly abandoned city filled with crumbling buildings and ruined, defaced statues of angels. A huge, narrow, black tower looms over the landscape, reaching into the clouds, and the city’s connection to the divine may not be simply in the architecture. Relm is a psychic, following a very vague feeling on a journey through the ruins with her bodyguard Cain in search of something, or someone. The danger escalates as strangers trail them, hoping to steal their enigmatic treasure, and the pair will have miles to go before they find safety.

— Jennifer McGinnis

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B&WManuel PreitanoManuel Preitano


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1 copy available for $2.25
 Manuel PreitanoManuel Preitano