52: The Companion

 52TC   (DC, 2007)

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From the Publisher:

In a year without the DC Universe’s three biggest icons — Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman — several lesser-known (but just as courageous) heroes stood up in their absence. Without the presence of he “Big Three,” characters such as Booster Gold, Steel, Renee Montoya, Animal Man, Ralph Dibny, Black Adam and others experienced both personal triumphs and heartbreaking tragedies.

Now the fan-favorite characters of the groundbreaking 52 comics are featured here in ten revealing solo tales from their pasts, serving as the perfect companion volume to the hit series. 52 co-writer Mark Waid offers insightful introductions to each story — explaining why they were chosen, and what makes these characters so appealing for so many readers.

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Introduction by Mark Waid; Collects Rip Hunter…Time Master #6, Detective Comics #350, Strange Adventures #226, Metal Men #45, Secret Origins (3rd Series) #35, Animal Man #16, Superman: The Man of Steel #97, JSA #43-44, and Gotham Central #40Mark Schultz, Gardner Fox, Dan Jurgens, Jack Miller, Steve Ditko, Grant Morrison, David Goyer, Geoff JohnsDoug Mahnke, Carmine Infantino, Dan Jurgens, Alex Toth, Kano, Steve Ditko, Chas Truog, Murphy Anderson, Walt Simonson, Leonard Kirk

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