Amazing X-Men

 AMXM   (Marvel, 1995)

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Charles Xavier devoted his life to bridging the gap of fear between humans and mutants. Himself a powerful telepath, he trained other mutants in the use of their powers, instilling in them a love for all people. For years, his X-Men have protected innocents from evil, mutant or not.

In this late 1990s revamping of the X-Men, the twisted child called Legion uses his awesome powers to travel back in time and kill the young Xavier, and thus he completely changes the course of world history. A man who should have been a strong leader is now only a memory, and his dream of peaceful coexistence is all but forgotten. The powerful Apocalypse controls most of the world, and imposes his brutal version of Darwinism on humans and mutants alike.

But dreams, unlike men, are hard to kill, and mutants still fight for freedom in Xavier’s name. Led by the enigmatic Magneto, once Charles’ greatest friend, this alternate version of the Uncanny X-Men struggle to defeat the ultimate evil mutant and end the Age of Apocalypse forever.

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52 copies available from $0.99
Age of ApocalypseFabian NiciezaAndy Kubert

#1 (2nd printing)

5 copies available from $1.95
2nd PrintingFabian NiciezaAndy Kubert


52 copies available from $0.75
Cover by Andy KubertFabian NiciezaAndy Kubert


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 Fabian NiciezaAndy Kubert


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 Fabian NiciezaAndy Kubert

Book #1

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Gold foil cover; Collects four-issue series; Ultimate Amazing X-MenFabian NiciezaAndy Kubert