Amber: Nine Princes in Amber (Roger Zelazny’s…)

 ANPZ   (DC, 1996)

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He awoke in a hospital bed with no recollection of how he got there, why he was there or even what his name was. The hospital chart did not reveal his identity but someone named Evelyn Flaumel was listed as next of kin so she was his destination when he subdued the attendant and took his gun. Unwilling to reveal his lack of knowledge, he employed a series of bluffs and enigmatic responses which disclosed Evelyn as his sister Flora, and his own name as Corwin. When a brother arrives from across the country in less than three hours Corwin continues his strategy.

So it is that Corwin’s brother, Random, assists him in traveling through progressively alien dimensions, (as the car they drive devolves into more primitive incarnations), till they arrive in Amber where the amnesiac Corwin discovers his birthright.

This three–issue series is illustrated by Lou Harrison and adapted by Terry Bisson from the fantasy series by famed science fiction author, Roger Zelaney.

— George Haberberger

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Adapts Zelazny story; Prestige formatTerry Bisson, Roger ZelaznyLou Harrison


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Adapts Zelazny story; Prestige formatTerry Bisson, Roger ZelaznyBryn Barnard


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Adapts Zelazny story; Prestige formatTerry Bisson, Roger ZelaznyTom Roberts