DOME   (Marvel, 1997)

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(From the Slings & Arrows Comic Guide)

X-Factor’s assassin with the “unnatural luck” has her chance at a solo adventure courtesy of writer Ben Raab, and artist David Perrin, and inked by Candelario. The villains of the piece include the evil spy organization A.I.M. and messers Pearce, Lady Deathstroke and Skullbuster. There are predictable flashbacks to earlier days and along the way we meet Domino’s first love, Dr. Milo Thurman. Domino has believed him to be dead for years, he thinking likewise of her. The bled-off artwork is dull and preoccupied with facial close-ups and clipped detail. The black and white elegance of Domino’s costume is undermined by the computerised color, the black circle around her left eye resembling a large grey bruise. A bit of a disappointment on all fronts, really. ~SW

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Versus PicoBen RaabDavid Perrin


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Versus Lady DeathstrikeBen RaabDavid Perrin


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Versus Donald Pierce; Versus Lady DeathstrikeBen RaabDavid Perrin