Frequently Asked Questions

Do all versions of ComicBase work with Atomic Avenue?

All current editions of ComicBase, including ComicBase FREE, integrate seamlessly with Atomic Avenue.

I don’t want to sell all my comics, just my duplicates. Can I do that?

Atomic Avenue will only post the comics you’ve marked as for sale within ComicBase. If you don’t want to sell a given title, just uncheck (or use the Mass Change or Quick Change commands to uncheck) the For Sale box on any comics you don’t want to sell.

If you only want to sell off your duplicates, mark the issue as For Sale, but use ComicBase’s Mass Change command to set your Minimum Quantity to 1. This tells ComicBase to always hold back 1 copy from sale.

Does it cost anything to buy on Atomic Avenue?

All you pay for is the comic, at the seller’s price, shipping, and if required, tax. Atomic Avenue takes no additional fees from the buyer.

What does it cost to sell on Atomic Avenue?

Listing your comics for sale on Atomic Avenue is free. You are only assessed a commission when you sell a comic on Atomic Avenue. You are charged a percentage of your sale price, on a sliding scale by value and volume. To see our sales fees, see the Sales Fees and Shipping Reimbursement section.

Do I have to sell my comics at ComicBase’s values?

No. Atomic Avenue takes the value in the Selling Price field for your comic in ComicBase. These values may change as real world sales on Atomic Avenue and at Heritage Autions update our prices each week. To post your comics with your values, overwrite that field, or with the Mass Change command, change it by a percentage to post comics with your unique selling price.

How Do I Add a Comic to My Wish List?

When browsing comics, just click the Wish List button instead of the Buy button to add that comic to your wish list. Remember, however, that this doesn’t reseve the comic—it can be sold at any time. If so, it will be automatically removed from your Wish List.

Can I use a credit card to pay for my purchases?

Absolutely. We use PayPal as the payment processor for Atomic Avenue, which allows you to pay either with the balance in your PayPal account, or with your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card.

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