Leaving Feedback

It’s important to leave feedback so other users will know who was a pleasure to buy from and what they might want to be aware of and why. Atomic Avenue’s system is set up explicitly to give buyers the opportunity to leave clear, honest feedback without fear of retaliation.

Your My Accounts page shows your recent orders and lets you leave feedback about the seller on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being excellent service and a seller you would be delighted to buy from again and 1 being someone you’d rather avoid, even if he is selling comics you want. Note that giving a seller a low rating is not the same as logging a complaint against the seller: to do so, see What to do if you Have a Problem.

Unlike other systems, only the seller is rated on Atomic Avenue: this allows the buyer to praise the good and criticize the bad without fear of retaliatory feedback that can clog and confuse the system. But don’t be a jerk: if a seller doesn’t like you, or considers you problematic, he can block you from ever buying from him in the future.

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