Finding Comics

It’s easy to find the comics you want, thanks to the variety of ways you can search for issues, both within ComicBase and on the Atomic Avenue website.

If you’re using ComicBase and you see an issue you’re interested in getting, all you have to do is right-click on the issue number within the Issues view and choose either "Buy This Issue" or "Buy Issues of <the current title>".  Your internet connection must be active for this feature to work.

On Atomic Avenue, you can find comics you want to see in a variety of ways:

If you are looking for a specific issue, you can type in its name and issue number, i.e. Detective Comics #495. You can also enter in its ISBN or barcode number, if you happen to have the issue in hand, and, possibly, a barcode scanner.

If you don’t know the issue number you’re looking for, or you prefer to look at issues in a particular way, say, by publisher, you can click on the Quick Find drop down menu. By default, it searches all of Atomic Avenue by whatever you type in, but you can be more specific. The menu lets you search by title name, publisher, writer, artist, or storyline. It also lets you look for issues with your favorite comic book character: you can look for his or her first appearance, second appearance, special appearances, origin story (or stories, as the case may be), and death (which may or may not have been permanent.) Then type in the name of what you’re looking for. Writer or artist names need to be written Last Name, First Name.

You can simply browse for what’s out there by the same criteria above by clicking the Find Comics button at the top of the Atomic Avenue page. As with the Quick Find field, you can type in the name of what you’re searching for. Or you can click on the icons for Title, Publisher, Writer, Artist, Storyline, First Appearance, Second Appearance, Special Appearance, Origin and Death to bring up a list of names. You can jump through this list alphabetically using the letters at the top of the page. Simply click on the name you want to see the issue (or title).

When you find a particular issue, its name and title and all the information Atomic Avenue has about it, which may include its cover, cover date, storyline(s), special character appearances or stories (such as the death of Santa Claus), writer and artist. Below you’ll see a list of the comics that are for sale, sorted by condition and cost. Each seller’s User ID and ranking [link to Ratings and Rankings] appears next to the comic being sold.

TIP: If you’re having trouble finding a title, don’t give up!

Comic book titles are sometimes elusive, and they’re often not what you think they are. For instance, if you have a comic clearly titled "Dick Tracy" from the early 1940s, it wasn’t its own series: it was actually part of a more general series known as Four Color Comics (1st Series).

And speaking of series, comic titles have been known to run in serials, restarting their numbering after a hiatus. For instance, Aquaman has been restarted, including with its numbering at least 5 times, so if you are searching for Aquaman #2, Atomic Avenue may return 5 different issues! Feel free to use the browse feature to preview covers and issue information to accurately identify the titles. The ComicBase 11 User Guide, available free online, includes "The Dark Art of Title Naming" with the naming conventions used by ComicBase and Atomic Avenue.

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