Shipping Comics

Atomic Avenue requires that you ship all comics in a suitable mailer, with sufficient packaging to prevent any damage to to the comic in transit. Comics should be boxed if possible, or reinforced with corrugated boards on either side to prevent the comic from being bent or damaged in transit if shipped in an envelope. It’s the seller’s ultimate responsibility to make sure that the comics ordered arrive in the condition specified, and on time.

You must ship your comics via the service specified on the order. Standard shipping requires delivery to the buyer within 14 days, and is roughly equivalent to Parcel Post mail in terms of a service window. Express Saver orders require delivery in 2–6 business days, and are roughly equivalent to First Class or Priority Mail. International orders should ship at the equivalent of First Class International or Global Priority Mail. You are permitted to substitute other shipping services as long as the shipping window is the same or faster.

Sellers can also offer free shipping to users by checking the “Free Shipping” box when posting their comics for sale in ComicBase, as well as setting a minimum threshold for free shipping.

Our shipping rates include enough to cover the costs of such shipment, including delivery confirmation or other tracking, which we highly recommend to minimize aggravation in the case of postal delays, or allegations of non-shipment.


Shipping Tips

The system may also assume the use of Flat Rate envelopes and boxes where that would save money, so it’s a good idea to have a supply of these handy. U.S. shippers can order flat rate boxes and envelopes, free of charge, directly from the US Postal Service.

Keep in mind that these envelopes by themselves are not stiff enough to safely ship comics without risk of bending. As such, they should be reinforced on either side by sheets of corrugated cardboard (200# or higher preferred), preferably of slightly larger length and width than the comics they’re protecting. Atomic Avenue has prepared the following instructional film to demonstrate the process:

Cheap sources for pre-cut corrugated sheets are available online, and we’d definitely suggest stocking up ahead of time with 8.5" x 11" sheets or similar if you do a lot of shipping on the system.


What to do if you can’t ship an order

All orders will include a packing slip for you to include with the order. Check all your items over carefully before shipping them to make sure they are what the buyer ordered, and in the condition specified. If by any chance, you cannot locate the item, or it’s been damaged and is no longer in the specified condition, you can remove it from the order without canceling the entire order. First, contact the buyer so he can find a replacement on Atomic Avenue. Next, go to your My Account page, and click Transactions. Click on the relevant transaction and find the comic you cannot ship, and cancel that line. We will take care of issuing the refund to the buyer.

It’s better to cancel an item than to ship the wrong item or not to ship it at all. However, we encourage you to check over your sale inventory carefully, since the disappointment of not getting an ordered item may reflect in the rating the buyer gives you after the transaction. Remember, anytime you need to make a change in your listings, you can make the changes in ComicBase, and click the Sell button to put the changes into effect on Atomic Avenue.

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