Batman #259

DC     December, 1974

Reprints from Detective Comics #222, Detective Comics #165, Batman #29,Batman #177, Batman #120

The Night Of The Shadow!; The Great Batman Swindle!; The Strange Costumes Of Batman!; Heroes By Proxy!; Two Batmen Too Many!; The Failure Of Bruce Wayne

 Denny O’Neil, Bill Finger, Edmond Hamilton, Don Cameron

 Irv Novick, Dick Sprang, Bob Kane, Sheldon Moldoff

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United States CapCoComics $60.00 Scans Available
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United States donner5 $21.00 Detective Comics #222 Aug 1955 Detective Comics #165 Nov 1950 Batman #29 Jun-Jul 1945 Batman #177 Dec 1965 Batman #120 Dec 1958 100 page giant
United States RBrassfield $27.06 Cover bends (small (1/2" or less), possibly with color breaks)
Very Good  
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