Mad #123

E.C.     December, 1968

#1,112,362; Peanuts, Camelot, It Takes a Thief, Mannix, Judd for the Defense, Pinocchio, Wizard of Zo, Peter Pan parodies

One Day in the Park; Adventures of the Red Baron or "Happiness Ist Ein Kleine Kaput Beagle"; Can A Lot; MAD’s Home Movies; Lighter Side of High School Football, The; MAD About Fashion Fads; A Psychedelic Diary; MAD’s Academy Awards for World Celebrities; One Evening at the Health Club; A MAD Peek Behind the Scenes at a Service Station; Spy vs Spy; Free-Loader, the Magazine for Dead Beats; On the Set; MAD Mini-Vision; Scenes We’d Like to See: Pinocchio; MAD Fold-In: In What Battle Zone Are the Most Shocking Atricities Being Committed?

 Don Martin, Frank Jacobs, Dean Norman, Dave Berg, Ronnie Nathan, Sergio Aragonés, Dick de Bartolo, Max Brandel, Larry Siegel, Antonio Prohias, Stan Hart, Paul Peter Porges, Lou Silverstone, Al Jaffee

 Don Martin, Paul Coker Jr., Bob Muccio, Mort Drucker, Dave Berg, Sergio Aragonés, Jack Rickard, George Woodbridge, Antonio Prohias, Joe Orlando, Bob Clarke, Al Jaffee

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