Crazy (Magazine) #49

Marvel     April, 1979

Mork and Mindy cover

Zany Picture Postcards; Goofy Travel Stickers

Jawzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz; When People Moonlight in Different Jobs; The Big City Coloring Book; Short People Got No Reason to Laugh; Close Encounters of the Next Time; Saturday Night Fervor; A Crazy Look at Prized Possessions of Celebrities; When TV Violence Takes Over Game Shows; National Enquiroar; Crazy Visits a Neighborhood Gas Station; How to Decipher an Advertisement; Madison Avenue Nursery Rhymes; Over-Specialized Magazines; How Crazy Are You? Dear Doctor, Advice to the Lovelorn; Free Items That Wind Up Costing You Money; Famous Lines of Losers; Crazy Movie Ads; "The Star Spangled Banner" Had it Been Submitted As a School Composition; Crazy Double Books; Attention Gamblers: It’s a Sure Bet That…; Zanie Hall; The Eleventh Hour Sermonette; Billy & Dilly; Crazy Stock Issues; Crazy Medals for Contemporary Achievements

 Bill Quidart, Roger Francis, Marylyn Ippolito, Virgil Diamond, Michael Pellowoski, Warren Emery, Carolyn Corneil, Jonathan Adams, Fred Wolfe, Rico Tallar, Phil Hirsch, Joe Kiernan, Randy Epley, Murad Gumen, Sara Arthur, Aron Mayer

 Kent Gamble, Walter Brogan, John Costanza, Vic Martin, Tony Tallarico, Sam Viviano, Bill Burke, Mike Pardo, John Langton, Charles Nicholas, Ray Billingsley, Gary Brodsky

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