Mad #153

E.C.     September, 1972

Dirty Larry; The MAD "Religeon in America" Primer; Don Martin Looks at Cavemen; Typical Sports Movie of the Past; Typical Sports Movie of the Present; MAD’s All-Inclusive Do-It-Yourself Labor Dispute Newspaper Story; Snappy Answers to Stupid TV Commercials; Spy vs Spy; MAD Postcards from Mad Vacationers; Lighter Side of Summer Activities, The; A MAD Peek Behind the Scenes at a… Political Convention; A Microscopic Look at Modern-Day Bacteria; Longshot; Wanted For Murder! Joe Pusher

 Sergio Aragonés, Arnie Kogen, Larry Siegel, Don Martin, Lou Silverstone, Frank Jacobs, Al Jaffee, Antonio Prohias, Dick de Bartolo, Don Epstein, Dave Berg, Stan Hart

 Sergio Aragonés, Mort Drucker, Paul Coker Jr., Don Martin, Jack Davis, Al Jaffee, Antonio Prohias, Dave Berg, Jack Rickard, Bob Clarke, Angelo Torres, Irving Schild

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