Mad #242

E.C.     October, 1983

Star Wars cover

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Peanuts, A-Team parodies; Reprint of Doug Marlette editorial cartoon, 6/15/83

Star Bores: Re-Hash of the Jeti; Warning Labels We Desperately Need; A MAD Guide to Some of Life’s Annoying Little Uncertainties… or… You’re Never Really 100% Sure…; MAD’s Video Game Arcade Owner of the Year; One Fine Medieval Morning at Home; A Short History Showing How Different Publications Slant the News; Lighter Side of…, The; Spy vs Spy; MAD’s All-Inclusive Do-It-Yourself Peanuts Comic Strip; Poetic Tributes to People Who Wouldn’t Ordinarily Get Them; One Afternoon On a Remote Jungle Island; An Advertiser Would Have Us Believe…; Lose Weight (Mainly Because You Lose Your Appetite) With… the MAD Gross-Out Diet; *A* Team, The; One Fine Evening During Prime Time; One-On-One Night in the Laboratory

 Dick de Bartolo, Tom Koch, Frank Jacobs, Don Martin, Paul Laiken, Dave Berg, Antonio Prohias, Paul Peter Porges, Stan Hart

 Mort Drucker, Bob Clarke, Angelo Torres, Don Martin, George Woodbridge, Dave Berg, Antonio Prohias, Jack Rickard, Harry North, Jack Davis, Paul Peter Porges

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