Crazy (Magazine) #82

Marvel     January, 1982

Parodizes Amazing Spider-Man #8

Reality Island; No Deposits, No Return, Part 1; Teen Hulk!; The Dizzying Fantasy… And the Disastrous Reality; The Masterful Fantasy… and the Miserable Reality; Aunty Nuke; Spider-Man Tickles the Torch; Crazy Look at the Crazy Office; Kinetic Kids; Macie’s Thanksgiving Day Paradise Rejects; The Audio–Visual Squad Member’s Guide to Dating; The Eleventh Hour Special; Hunchback of Notre Doom; Rat Reborn; For You Eyes, Baloney!; Do–It–Yourself Comic Book; Michael Carlin’s Thanksgiving Page O’Stuffing

 Dana Kadison, Mary Wilshire, Virgil Diamond, Gary Hallgren, Paul Kupperberg, Steve Mellor, Marc Bilgrey, Susan Bissett, David Allikas, Tom Sotton, Murad Gumen, Steve Skeates

 Alan Kupperberg, Mary Wilshire, Gary Hallgren, Ned Sonntag, Steve Mellor, Jack Kirby, Arnoldo Franchioni, Pat Broderick, Armando Gil, Dave Morris, P.A. Flynn, Joe Albelo, Terry Austin, John Buscema, Dave Cockrum, Larry Hama, Bob McLeod, Marshall Rogers

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