Archieís Double Digest Magazine #17

Archie     July, 1985

Poison Pen Pals; Double or Nothing; Golf Goof; Tragic Magic; Getting The Bird; Fair Play; Little Archie Meets the Barracuda; Talk A Thon; Muscle Tussle; Successful Failure; Skin DIve Jive; Race Chase; Friend or Foe; The Faith of a Date; Farewell Farce; Whether Report; Triple Threat; Just Imagine; Eat Treat; Leaf Beef; The Tale of the Magic Cat; Tough Talk; Nautical Nonsense; Soup to Nuts; Kiss Miss; School Daze; Creatures of Habit; Choice Channel; Heavy Problem; Dough Woe; The Third Man; What are Friends For?; Trust is a Must; S.O.S.; Movie Mad; Charming Choice; The Big Think; Beyond the Call; A Go Go Tail; Scheme Team; Pace Maker; Short Order; Stroke Joke; Party Smarty; Paint Patter; Do It Yourself; King of Swing; Shy Sharon; Fizzician; Paint By Numbers; Smart Money; Rattle Prattle; Method Madness; Give Her Credit; Space Spoof; The Voice of Trouble; To The Rescue; Camp Caper; Mad Dad; Mister Fix-it; A Hare-y Story; The Winner; Punch Lines; A Stream of Thought; Talk Talk; Pin Pun; Hot News; Plane Truth; Coming Attraction; Freezer Plan; Itís For the Birds; Early Appointment; Wrong Again; Digital Dexterity; Monster Bash; Picnic Pic; Right Sight; Itís A Dogís Life; Profit Sharing Plan; Ten-Shun

 Dick Malmgren

 Dick Malmgren

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