Archie’s Jokebook Magazine #188

Archie     September, 1973

Jughead pin-up

Bunk Funk; Rare Fare; Lost and Found; Nifty Gifty; Treasure Pleasure; Mail Tale; Post Boast; Beach Beseech!; Archie and the Gang Summer Snapshots; Matter Chatter; Camp Scamp; Stick Trick; Buck Luck; Yearn to Learn; Shout Bout!; Fail Tale; Double Takes!; Risky Rescue; puzzle: Archie Presents Picture Puzzles; Slip Quip!; Sound Off!; Air Flair; Coy Boy; Bright Sprite; Sage Age; Chase Case; Dance Chance

 George Gladir, Joe Edwards

 Gus LeMoine, JoE Edwards

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