Archie Digest Magazine #33

Archie     December, 1978

The Natural Thing; Jughead: And Everywhere That Jughead Went; Betty and Veronica: The Show Up; Making the Scene; Jughead: Making a Big Splash; Reggie: Net Nutty; Solitary Confinement; Li’l Jinx: Penny Wise; Veronica: Fast Finish; Mr. Weatherbee: A New Broom; Little Archie: The Visit; Dixie Pixie; Jughead: Strange Buddies; Betty and Veronica: Cat’s Night Out; Like Cats and Dogs (text story); Dilton: Gopher Broke; Jughead: One of the Bunch!; The Fly: Buzz Gun; The Fly: Come Into My Parlor; Li’l Jinx: Goal Finger; Betty and Veronica: The Silent Woman; Jughead: You Said a Mouthful; Line Plunge

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