Essential Ant–Man #1

Marvel     February, 2002

Collects Tales to Astonish #27, 35-69

The Man In The Ant Hill!; Return of the Ant-Man; The Challenge of Comrade X!; Trapped By the Protector!; Betrayed By the Ants!!; The Vengeance of the Scarlet Beetle!; The Day That Ant-Man Failed!; Prisoner of the Slave World!; The Voice of Doom!; The Mad Master of Time!; The Creature from Kosmos!; The Terrible Traps of Egghead!; When Cyclops Walks the Earth; Music To Scream By; The Porcupine!; The Birth of Giant-Man!; The Human Top!; Showdown With the Human Top!; Somewhere Waits A Wobbow!; The Black Knight Strikes!; Not What They Seem!; Trapped By The Porcupine!; When Wakes the Colossus!; No Place To Hide!; Conquest!; On The Trail of The Human Top!; The Gypsy’s Secret!; The Coming of The Magician!; Beware The Bog Beast!; On The Trail of the Amazing Spider-Man!; A Voice In The Dark!; The Coming Of…Colossus; The Magician and the Maiden!; Enter: The Hulk; Let’s Learn About Hank and Jan; The Beasts of Berlin!; Now Walks The Android; Giant-Man Versus the Wonderful Wasp!; The Gangsters and the Giant!; When Attuma Strikes!; Presenting The New Giant-Man; The Menace of Madame Macabre; The Mystery of the Hidden Man and his Rays of Doom!; Peril From the Long-Dead Past!; Oh Wasp, Where Is Thy Sting?

 Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, H.E. Huntley, Al Hartley, Leon lazarus

 Jack Kirby, Don Heck, Dick Ayers, Larry Lieber, Steve Ditko, Carl Burgos, Bob Powell

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