Mad #217

E.C.     September, 1980

Advertisement for MAD’s“Up the Academy"; Kramer vs. Kramer parody; Rockford Files parody; Letter form Gary Colemen,“Diff’rent Strokes"; Cameo Jimmy Carter, Evel Knievel, Tony Randall, Barbra Steisand, William F. Buckley Jr., Walter Mondale, Charo, Clint Eastwood, Superman, Houdini, Twiggy, Confucius, Dean Martin, Gloria Steinem, Liberace

MAD’s Updated Do-it-Yourself America the Beautiful; More Legendary Wire Hangers; The Lighter Side of Inflation; Examples of Celebrities’ High-Value Insurance Policies; Crymore vs. Crymore; One Fine Day in Prehistoric Times; One Fine Day in the Middle Ages; One Fine Day Only About Two Weeks Ago; The MAD Soccer Primer; Horror Movies Based on Everyday Disasters; The Crockfort Files; Drawn-Out Dramas; The MAD They and You Book; A MAD Look at Skating

 Dave Berg, Don Martin, Al Jaffee, Frank Jacobs, Larry Siegel, Stan Hart, Paul Peter Porges, Sergio Aragonés, Dick deBartolo, Dave Manak

 Dave Berg, Bob Clarke, Mort Drucker, George Woodbridge, Don Martin, Al Jaffee, Jack Davis, Paul Coker Jr., Jack Rickard, Sergio Aragonés, Harry North

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