Archie’s Super-Hero Special #1

Archie     January, 1979

Reprints from Adventures of the Fly #2, Double Life of Private Strong #1; Digest size

The Nightmare World of the Skull!; The PH Factor; It All Began…; The Monster Mouse; The Plight of the Bumblebee; Marco’s Eyes; Quick Justice; The Ultimate Cure; In the Center Ring; Black Fog (text); The Double Life of Private Strong; Spawn of the X World; Mystery of the Vanished Wreckage; The Decidely Decent Demon; Maid of Mischief; Familiars; The Web Versus the Flipper; The Werewolf; Mad Doctor Doom’s Dupe

 Jerry Siegel, Frank Doyle, Robert Bernstein, Phil Sueling, Marv Channing, T. Casey Brennan

 Paul Reinman, Bob White, Dan DeCarlo, John Rosenberger, Jack Kirby, Joe Simon, Gray Morrow

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