Mad Super Special #78

E.C.     January, 1992

Classic Boob Tube Reruns; Top Gun, Ronald Reagan, Growing Pains, Gilligan’s Island, Leave it to Beaver, Highway to Heaven, Cosby Show, PBS, TV Guide, Emmy Awards, Phil Donahue, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood parodies

Top Gunk; Spy vs Spy; MAD’s Practical Joke Catalogue for Courtrooms; Reagan (with apologies to Edgar Allen Poe), The; MAD’s Rule of Good Behavior; Lighter Side of, The; Groaning Pains; At the Bedside, Part I; MAD’s Reader Opinion Poll, Part I: Television; Gigglin’s Island; MAD Television Writer’s Rule Book, The; TV Theme Songs; Highway to Heaving; Upcoming TV Cop “Teams”; Specialized Cable TV Networks of the Future; A TV Ad We’d Like to See - the Geritol Commercial; Cosby Show Nasty File, The; How PBS Really Differs From Commercial TV; TV God; MAD’s Fearless Forecast For the Upcoming TV Season; TV Emmy Awards We’d Like to See; First Annual Reunion Guests of the Phil Donahue Show; Reprieve it for Beaver; MAD’s Cable TV Roulette; TV Ad’s We’d Like to See; TV Prime-Time Graveyard, The; Scate College of Adulthood Training Catalog of Courses; How to Enjoy the Feeling of a Mid-Winter Beach Vacation While Staying at Home; Reagan White House Garage Sale, The; A MAD History of Communication; Mr. Jolly Rogers’ Neighborhood; Snappy Answer to Stupid Questions in a Video Rental Store

 Stan Hart, Antonio Prohias, Desmond Devlin, Frank Jacobs, Dave Berg, Lou Silverstone, Dick de Bartolo, Charlie Kadau, John Pretf, Larry Siegel, David Allikas, Mike Snider, Earle Doud, Tom Koch, Barry Liebman, Elizabeth White, Dennis Snee, Mike Snyder, Bob Supina, Paul Peter Porges

 Mort Drucker, Antonio Prohias, Al Jaffee, Gerry Gersten, Paul Coker Jr., Dave Berg, Norman Mingo, Angelo Torres, Harry North, Sam Viviano, Jack Davis, Bob Clarke, Irving Schild, Will Elder, Harvey Kurtzman, Michael Montgomery, Jack Rickard, Paul Peter Porges

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