Mad #147

E.C.     December, 1971

Little Big Man, All in the Family parodies

MAD’s Modern Believe It or Nuts!; Little Dull Man; An Italian Robin Catching a Worm; Condolence Cards for Business and Professional Tragedies; Future Shock; New Army, The; War Movie of the Past & The War Movie of the Future, The; Spy vs Spy; If Nixon Were President During Custer’s Last Stand; Meet Sudhir Dar, a Tasty Indian "Nut"; Lighter Side of Time, The; One Morning on Main Street; A MAD Look at Pet Owners; Modern Muscle Magazine; Gall in the Family Fare; Late One Thursday Morning - Downtown

 Arnie Kogen, Sergio Aragones, Don Martin, Frank Jacobs, Antonio Prohias, Ziraldo Pinto, Al Jaffee, Dave Berg, Stan Hart, Dick de Bartolo, Larry Siegel, Larry Gore

 Bob Clarke, Sergio Aragones, Mort Drucker, Don Martin, Paul Coker Jr., Jack Davis, Antonio Prohias, Ziraldo Pinto, Al Jaffee, Dave Berg, George Woodbridge, Angelo Torres, Jack Rickard

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United States MScheele $5.70 Cover soiling (moderate fading/discoloration/soiling)