Mad #108

E.C.     January, 1967

Hokum’s Heroes; Another Visit With a Sculptor; Christmas Cards We’d Like to See; Spy vs Spy; More Snappy Answers to Those Old Cliches; Ads for the Other 1967 Vehicles; A Portfolio of MAD Namelies; What is a B.M.O.C.?; Telephone Solicitors; A MAD Shopping Guide to Gifts for Finks; Lighter Side of Mail, The; Football as Covered by Other Publications; $ound of Money, The; Once Again in the Laboratory

 Dave Berg, Tom Koch, Don Martin, Al Jaffee, Frank Jacobs, Larry Siegel, Antonio Prohias, Stan Hart, Dick de Bartolo, Max Brandel

 Dave Berg, Bob Clarke, Mort Drucker, George Woodbridge, Don Martin, Al Jaffee, Jack Davis, Antonio Prohias, Paul Coker Jr., Max Brandel, Sergio Aragones

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