Calling All Girls #10

Parents’ Magazine Institute     September, 1942

Daughter of Free France; On the Hoof (text story); Judy Wing: Judy Gets a Plane; feature: Sugar and Spice (text); Easy Does It! (text story); feature: Girls in the News (text); feature: What do You Say? (text); feature: Through Studio Gates (text); feature: Let’s Talk Things Over (text); Sally Seymour, Sandra Blake, and Barbara Moore: Mystery at the Lookout (text story), Part x; feature: We Can Walk to the Movies (text); feature: What’s in Your Name?; feature: Miss Quiz Kid (text); Junior Housekeeping Department (text); Gadgets for Girls (text); Girls Who Wear Glasses; Keep Yourself in Stiches (text); Start School in Soap ’n’ Water Cottons (text); Make Yourself a Jumper (text); The Youngtown Younger Set: They Give a Party; The Unsinkable Molly Brown

 Ann Spence Warner, Adele De Leeuw, Eleanor Boykin, Dixie Willson, Alice Barr Grayson, Carolyn Keene

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