Archie’s Double Digest Magazine #73

Archie     July, 1994

Stuck With Luck; Potion Notion; That’s Final; Prize Presents; Ring Master; Tongue Tied; Two Tickets To Trouble!; Family Affair; The Sales Pitch; Dogging It; Female Travail; TV or Not TV; The Great Imposter; The Arrow; East Is West; Spice of Life; Second Hand Rose; Error; Tuff Luck; Prom Preem; Merchant of Mercy; Whose Idea Was This?; Play Plight; Photo Phun; Femme Gem; Quiz Fizz; Tea Time Tragedy; Snap-Flap; Test Zest; Wet Paint; Wipe Out; Shore Loser; Wheel Appeal; The Joys of Gardening; Sales Pitch; Guide To Viewing Heavenly Bodies; We’re In The Money; Pool Your Talents; The Cape Caper; Minstrels of Yore; Spring Fling; Eat Treat; The Gypsy Cure; Don’t Take It Too Hard

 Mike Pellowski

 Doug Crane

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