Epic Illustrated #18

Epic     June, 1983

Dog in the Donor Bank; Business Hours: Monday Through Friday, 9 to 5; The Last of the Dragons, Part 4; The Arrival; Obsession; Generation Zero, Part 3; The Connection; Garbage Scow; The Art of Go Nagai; Oni; In Search of Dr. Einstein’s Brain; Lost Bones

 Mike Saenz, Chris Claremont, Carl Potts, Denny O’Neil, Peter Kuper, Pepé Moreno, Archie Goodwin, Bob Aull, Rick Bryant, Mary Jo Duffy, Go Nagai, Rick Geary

 Mike Saenz, John Bolton, Carl Potts, Peter Kuper, Pepé Moreno, Bob Aull, Rick Bryant, Go Nagai, Rick Geary, Kent Williams

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