Calling All Girls #3

Parents’ Magazine Institute     February, 1942

Helen Hayes: Born to Act; Never to be Forgotten (text); Fun On Ice (text); Eatiquette (text); The Yorktown Younger Set: The Awful Kidnapping; Music as You Like It (text); Footprints in the Snow (text); On The Face Of It (text); Complexion Chart (text); First Lady of China: Madame Chiang Kai-Shek; Handmade & Handsome (text); Mayor Martin’s Daughter (text); Shirley’s Eighteener (text); Air Hostess Number 1: Judy Wing- North American Air Hostess; Sweet Dreams (text); Midwinter Movies (text); Ice Fashions: Double for Skating & Dating (text); The Girl Who Raced With Death: Betty Zane

 Mary Brinker Post, Sonja Henie, Eleanor Boykin, Benny Goodman, Russell Gordon Carter, Nell Giles, Mary Joyson, Charles G. Muller, Betty Asher, Cecily Brownstone, Catherine C. Edwards, Betty Green

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