Mad #207

E.C.     June, 1979

Abominal House; Early One Morning South of the Border; Money Talks; Parents are Unconstitutional; MAD Medals To Be Presented to Deserving Teachers; Lighter Side of Neighbors, The; One Afternoon Downtown on Main Street; A MAD Look at Hlaf Truths in TV Ads; Tax Returns for Teenagers; Academy Awards for Union Leaders; Didja Ever Notice That…; MAD Success Primer of the ’70’s, The; Spy vs Spy; Reject UFO’s; One Evening in a Georgia Bus Terminal

 Arnie Kogen, Dick de Bartolo, Don Martin, Henry Clarke, Sergio Aragonés, Stan Hart, Al Jaffee, Dave Berg, Paul Peter Porges, Lou Silverstone, Antonio Prohias

 Mort Drucker, Don Martin, Jack Davis, Bob Clarke, Sergio Aragonés, Paul Coker Jr., Al Jaffee, Dave Berg, Bob Jones, Harry North, Antonio Prohias, Angelo Torres

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