The Best of DC #30

DC     November, 1982

Reprints from Detective Comics #201, 209, 222, 227, 400, 401, 425, 435, 444, Action Comics #419, Batman #225

Batman: The Stage Is Set…for Murder!; Human Target: The Assassin-Express Contract; Elongated Man: The Magical Mystery Mirror; Roy Raymond TV Detective: The Riddle of the Unseen Man!; Batgirl & Robin: A Burial For Batgirl!; Batgirl & Robin: Midnight Is the Dying Hour!; Mysto Magician Detective: The Three Feats of Peril!; Master Crime File of Jason Bard: Case of the Dead-On Target!; Manhunter From Mars: The Man With 20 Lives; Captain Compass: The Ocean Pest!; Wanted For Murder One, The Batman

 Denny O’Neil, Len Wein, Mike W. Barr, Frank Robbins, Jack Miller, Otto Binder

 Irv Novick, Carmine Infantino, Ernie Chan, Ruben Moreira, Gil Kane, Leonard Starr, Frank Robbins, Joe Certa

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United States ZanaduComics $13.00 z39 vf+ off-white paper
United States RHobold $16.00 Binding Quality: slight mis-centering of cover, Corners: slightly blunted, Soiling: minor foxing

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